1) Download the application from Google Play Store.

2) CHOOSE YOUR SECTION. VR Glasses section is used with mentioned devices which must be compatible with any phone that can run this application. If you want to use it without VR Glasses choose the other section. When you want to use the application without VR Glasses, it works with the back flash light of your phone. (VR Glasses section is adviced for short naps. Because using a VR Glasses so long time while sleeping can cause pain around the eyes. It can probably make you sweat. For little naps VR Glasses section is the best in daytime. Without VR Glasses section must be used at nights. Because the application uses the back flash light of your phone to interact with your eyes to wake your subconscious.

3) Choose from prepared pictures or you can create your own picture slayt by touching on each picture on the screen. The application will show you these pictures before you fall asleep. In order to be effective, for each time set the same pictures. Subconcious is difficult to be shaped.

4) Set the watching clock. This will show you pictures for the time that you set. For each run, 10 or 15 minutes are recommended to watch. Watching a picture slayt for hours just one time doesn't make you lucid. But watching 10 minutes for 10 naps in different 10 days can be effective more much.

5) This must be a relaxed or focusing music. You can also choose your own sound. This sound will be played while watching pictures.

6) Set the lenght of sleeping time. If you use VR Glasses, you shouldn't sleep more that 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you don't use VR Glasses you have to set the time you want to wake up. For example, now its 10pm and you want to wake up at about 6am next morning. You want to watch pictures 10 minutes. Then you must set this time 7 hours 50 minutes.

7) Color section only works with VR Glasses. You can choose the color according to your eyes sensibility. This section will stimulate your eyes and gently wake up you .

8) This sound will wake you up. It is like a ringtone but more quite. There are different hertz sounds. Gamma 40 HZ is recommended. (It is better to use headphones.)

9) Press START button.

10) Plug your headphones and place your phone into VR Glasses. You have approximately 15 seconds to do this. If you don't use VR Glasses mode you don't have to do this option.

11) Now arrange your lying position on bed. Your position must let you a relaxing sleep. You must be able to breath easily. Once you realize you are lucid, you will wake up in your dream, but your body will also wake up too and you will realize you have a huge spit(saliva) in your mouth. Trying to swallow that spit for a long time will break your lucidity. The most effective lying positions are shown below. Putting your both thumbs under your hips while sleeping is believed to have an impact for lucidity.

12) If you don't use VR Glasses mode, then you have to put your phone beside your head as shown below. Use your headphones.

13) After sleep time, the application will stimulate you. It will show you colorful "WAKE UP" letter and make a soundwave. This will help your consciousness to come to surface.


"Everyone in the waking world can run fast, jump long, and do things like hiking and swimming. In the lucid dream world, however, you can do much, much more. Flying is a very popular activity to do in lucid dreams; many people experience flight in normal dreams and are hooked to the experience, but in lucid dreams, being in control brings flight to a whole new level. Fly over places you’ve visited in real life, places you want to visit, and even places that don’t actually exist, and are only created by yourself!

Other physical feats include transforming into an animal and seeing the world through its eyes, eating an endless feast of food, lift mountains and rocks and cars with your super strength, and have godlike athleticism to beat all your favorite athletes in any sport! Again, the possibilities are endless, so experiment!"



  1. Fly up to cloud level and observe the world below. This is the land of your unconscious mind - what is it like? Is it peaceful, surreal, overpopulated?
  2. Dive underwater and breathe normally without oxygen. Think of the water as being like air; it's ok to fill your lungs with it.
  3. Run super fast through fields and towns until you reach the sea.
  4. Pass through a mirror portal and emerge in a different dimension. Is this Earth II? What's different? What can you learn from this place?
  5. Go to a restaurant and eat the most extravagant thing on the menu. The flavors and texture of lucid dream food are fantastic.


How To Use Reality Checks To Lucid Dream Easily

"Reality checks are a powerful way to have more lucid dreams. It’s an action that you perform during the day that (hopefully) will enter your dreams, and cause you to become lucid.

The result of a reality check will either prove you’re awake, in which cause you go about your day or prove that you’re dreaming which causes you to become ‘lucid’. Becoming Lucid means as I’m sure you know – To be aware of the fact you’re dreaming."